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Our goal is to use our energy expertise and technology to help our clients make informed decisions about all things energy, having consideration for both procurement and consumption. While our primary focus is on electricity & natural gas procurement, we also offer technology-based products and services related to PEAQ Load Notifications, Economic Load Response, Utility Invoice Management, Plug Load Control, Energy Efficiency Programs and The Procurement Advantage.

We accomplish this by first gaining a deep understanding of our client’s budgetary, risk and company objectives. Then we bring our deep market knowledge and vast supplier networks to bear to develop data driven solutions that match its energy needs.

Advantage Energy Partners is an independent energy consultant and procurement advisory firm. Our sole focus is finding the right energy solution for commercial, industrial, agricultural and governmental clients across the United States.

PEAQ Advantage

PEAQ Advantage is an energy price and load notification service that acts as your always-alert guard against capacity or Peak Load Contribution Charges.

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