Advantage Energy Partners announces a new partnership with Gexpro

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Advantage Energy Partners announced today that they have formed a new partnership with Gexpro to offer the full suite of Gexpro Energy Solutions products to commercial and industrial customers. As part of Rexel, one of the world’s largest electrical distributors, Gexpro has the resources and experience to deliver solutions that enable customers to save energy. Coupling the Gexpro suite of solutions with Advantage Energy’s procurement and advisory services creates a powerful combination to help consumers save on the energy they use while using less of it.

Advantage Energy Partners is an energy procurement and advisory firm helping clients of all shapes and sizes make informed energy purchasing decisions. Based in Pittsburgh, Advantage Energy continues to develop unique partnership opportunities that produce comprehensive energy solutions for business clients in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.

Gexpro Energy Solutions and Advantage Energy will collaborate on commercial applications encompassing;

  • Energy Purchasing
  • Controls to deliver and improve performance
  • Lighting retrofits and new installations
  • Motors and Drives used in HVAC Air Handling and Commercial Refrigeration

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to bring the Gexpro suite of products to our customers and look forward to collaborating with the Gexpro team to help customers conserve energy” said Mike Senff, President of Advantage Energy Partners.

A full line up of Gexpro Energy Solutions products and services can be found at

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Advantage Energy Partners was founded on the principal that customers come first. We are a completely independent energy procurement advisory firm with the sole focus of finding the right energy solution for our customers.

Our goal is to use our energy expertise to help customers make informed decisions about all things energy.

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