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PITTSBURGH, PA, May 3, 2017 – Advantage Energy Partners announced today the launch of The Procurement Advantage. The Procurement Advantage is powered by the energy intelligence platform of kWantera and leverages the strategic partnership formed by the two organizations in February 2017. Introduced as the most sophisticated and comprehensive energy purchasing solution in the industry, the solution brings together physical power procurement, hedging strategy, dynamic power scheduling and voluntary load response into a comprehensive solution geared toward energy-intensive customers.

Advantage Energy and kWantera have developed a procurement solution that allows customers to utilize proprietary technology to;

1) aid in the process of determining the optimal time to hedge power prices

2) take advantage of real-time and day ahead arbitrage through the creation of dynamic schedules and

3) participate in voluntary load response to reduce consumption, lowering energy and capacity costs.

“Creating an integrated approach to energy procurement powered by sophisticated technology gives consumers unprecedented access to information that enables intelligent decision making”, said Mike Senff, President of Advantage Energy Partners.  “I believe this procurement approach is significantly different from what has historically been done in the market and will give consumers the ultimate control as they attempt to save money on energy.”

Advantage Energy Partners is an energy procurement and advisory firm helping clients of all shapes and sizes make informed energy purchasing decisions.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to package our technology into a unique procurement strategy that provides an opportunity for consumers to save money,” said Kyle O’Connor, kWantera’s CEO.  “kWantera has successfully piloted a similar approach with Albertsons Companies and is looking forward to further expansion of an enhanced solution delivered by the energy experts at Advantage Energy.”

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