The Procurement Advantage

Simply stated …The Procurement Advantage is the most sophisticated energy purchasing solution in the industry. It exists to allow energy intensive organizations to maximize their savings by purchasing energy at the optimal time.

The strategy utilizes a platform of Artificial Intelligence technologies, such as machine learning and pattern recognition, to help simulate electricity prices. The data from thousands of price simulations is turned into purchasing schedules that result in a quantifiable and material savings to your energy spend.

The Procurement Advantage provides the customer a comprehensive enhancement to their energy management strategy by providing:

  • Optimized Day Ahead or Real Time schedules
  • Predictive analytics to aid in the process of determining the optimal time to hedge power prices
  • Notifications related to peak periods in PJM allowing for proactive, voluntary load response

Although very sophisticated in approach the strategy is simple to implement. Contact us today to learn more about the value that can be achieved by utilizing The Procurement Advantage!

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