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Advantage Energy Partners Adds Price Responsive Technology and Utility Data Management Tools

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Advantage Energy Partners Adds Price Responsive Technology & Utility Data Management Platforms to suite of product solutions

Advantage Energy Partners announced today that they have added additional technology to their growing suite of products. Specifically, they have introduced Price Responsive Technology and a platform to manage Utility Data.  These technologies will enable consumers to participate in multiple demand response programs more proactively and manage utility data more efficiently.

The Price Responsive Technology is designed to make building automation systems even smarter. The platform integrates with any building automation system and supports automated participation in multiple demand response programs. It boasts several features including;

  • Communicating with ANY Building Automation System via a proprietary platform
  • Ability to respond to real-time, 5-minute market prices and utility/grid constraint signals
  • Orchestrates multiple and flexible load reductions
  • Allows for customized reduction windows (Ex. 15, 30, 60 mins+)
  • Participation adjustments with Time of Day scheduling

The platform allows consumers to participate in a demand response program with complete flexibility in a penalty-free, voluntary manner while generating incentives: cash payments and/or savings.

The Utility Data Management Platform allows consumers to track and manage utility data in a single location. Advantage handles all data collection and bill processing on behalf of clients. The data is collected and can be viewed in an easy to navigate management platform. The platform is loaded with features that include;

  • Accounting and Invoice Management
  • Bill Audit and Tariff Re-Creation
  • Benchmarking and Weather Normalization
  • Interval Data Reporting

“We’re very excited about adding more technology to our suite of products”, said Mike Senff, President of Advantage Energy Partners. “These platforms will enhance our ability to deliver real energy solutions to consumers across the country. Providing consumers more transparency and ability to manage their energy spend remains core to our mission. These unique platforms are in direct support of that mission.”

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