Welcome to the Employee Price Advantage

Now Your Employees can gain access to exclusive energy rates for their homes

when YOU become a customer of Advantage Energy

Providing your valued employees with competitive benefits can be tough and costly. Advantage Energy is here to help by providing you with a cost-free AND hassle-free benefit to offer to your team.  When your business becomes a customer of Advantage Energy, we will also unlock access to our own locally produced natural gas at a discounted residential rate for your employees. Now your employees can benefit from your negotiating power as a business – at NO COST to you. You and your employees have no obligation, there are no
cancellation fees and no hidden fees. We hope your employees take advantage of the opportunity, but if they choose not to or are already under contract with someone else that is totally fine.

Making it happen….

Step 1 – Your business starts saving $ with Advantage Energy Partners.  

Provide us a copy of your business’s most recent Dominion Energy Natural Gas invoice.  We will provide your business with the most competitive commercial Gas rates in the market by gaining access to our locally produced gas. We will offer you a guaranteed
fixed rate for a term of your choosing.  Once you are a customer, we’ll develop an Employee Program to offer to your team. 


Step 2 – Offer your employees this access to this unique opportunity.

Advantage Energy will provide a web link and unique CODE to unlock the employee savings.  Advantage Energy can help you the employer rollout this program to your employees.   Advantage Energy can help you distribute the program information to your employees and will provide a seamless online enrollment to minimize your engagement.  We can also help you track the progress of your new employee benefit. 

Step 3 – Your Employees start Saving $!

With a copy of their Dominion Energy invoice nearby, your employees will quickly and easily sign up for their new gas service and savings.   Employees will access the website, input your code, and enter the relevant information from their invoice.   A few secure clicks and they are enrolled with Advantage Energy.

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