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Be a referral agent and leverage your personal and professional network for Profit!

We appreciate the positive feedback we receive from our customers, but no testimonial is stronger than extending your recommendation to your colleagues, friends, family or business associates. There is certainly value in your recommendation and Advantage Energy Partners will compensate you for taking the initiative to refer a customer.

Remember, that every business uses energy and every business could be your referral.

Providing a referral to Advantage Energy Partners is easy! Simply provide us with the business name, Email, Phone, and business contact. Also, provide your name, email and phone so we know who referred us. From there, we’ll reach out to you and your referral to evaluate their Energy needs.

Referral Compensation Guidelines:

  • The Referral must execute an electricity and/or natural gas contract with a qualified supplier.
  • The Referral must be active and in good standing with their payments.
  • You will need to complete a Referral Agent Agreement and a W-9 to ensure we can pay you.

Referral Form

    Referral Business Information