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Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement

Although your business’s electric and natural gas bills can be a substantial portion of your budget, we recognize that becoming an energy expert isn’t the best use of your scarce time. Your time is your business’s money, and it should be spent on moving its mission forward, not learning how to buy energy. That’s why we are here.

We work on your business’s behalf as its energy expert. We are active in the energy markets every day and bring that knowledge to bear in helping you to find good solutions that save you time and money.

Peak Load Management

The electricity your business consumes during peak demand periods directly affects your energy spend. PEAK Advantage provides you with important energy information in advance, so your business can take action to reduce its energy costs.

Your business’s electricity consumption during peak load periods across the grid drives the capacity and transmission charges that are charged by the utility on your bill. These charges are determined by how much electricity your business uses during these peak periods. The charges can represent a significant part of your total Utility Bill.

By continuously forecasting energy grid consumption, PEAK Advantage anticipates potential peak periods and alerts you in advance so your business can take action, by reducing consumption and potentially reducing the capacity and transmission charges the next time the charges are calculated by the utility.

PEAK Advantage delivers practical information to move your business from reactive payments, to proactive savings. Reducing your Electricity consumption during these Peak hours is totally up to you and there are no penalties for not reducing your business’s energy consumption. This is simply a free notification service for Advantage Energy Partners customers.

Additionally, if you have the ability to effectively curtail, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive Demand Response Program that will actually pay you for that curtailment.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is that which is produced from natural and renewable resources like wind, sun, biomass, and moving water. Companies all across the globe are setting renewable energy goals to help minimize the harmful effects of electricity production.

Regardless of where energy is produced, whether at a coal-burning plant or solar farm, all of the electricity utilizes the same electrical grid to arrive at your business. It is impossible to distinguish the generation source of electricity once it’s on the power grid.

However, if you desire to purchase renewable or green energy there is an easy and affordable way to do so. In today’s world the easiest and most efficient way for consumers to participate is to purchase a Renewal Energy Credit.

Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s), enable customers to purchase renewable power regardless of where they are located. Each REC represents a specific amount of power produced and delivered to the power grid by a renewable energy source. When you purchase a REC, you can make the claim that the renewable energy accounted for by your REC was responsible for powering your business thus completely sustainable.

We at Advantage Energy can help you obtain the necessary REC’s to meet your own sustainability goals – and oftentimes we can include it in the price of your electricity at little to no premium, so no upfront out-of-pocket expense!

Energy Efficiency

Advantage Energy can identify and implement efficiency measures that can help you reduce energy costs, manage usage and meet your sustainability goals.

We work with several top-tier energy efficiency providers to help customers make important facility upgrades to lighting and mechanicals. We can help customers make these energy efficiency upgrades with no upfront capital expenditure – but instead, through monthly charges on a customer’s electricity or natural gas supply bill.