Economic Load Response

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Electricity Procurement

We use our comprehensive knowledge of the electricity industry to find the optimal solutions for your company. We work on your business’s behalf as its electricity cost expert by helping you choose a reliable supplier at a cost that saves you money. We can also deploy solutions that reduce your consumption (without interrupting your business) for additional savings. Learn More

Gas Procurement

We’re a completely independent energy advisory firm working with natural gas suppliers that serve your company’s location. These suppliers offer suites of products with complex terms that are often hard to benchmark against their competition. We handle that for you, get you the best available price and help your company turn the complex into the straightforward. Learn More

PEAQ Load Notifications

The electricity your business consumes during peak demand periods directly affects your energy spend. PEAQ Advantage notifies you in advance so your business can take action to reduce its energy costs. Learn More

Economic Load Response

Our Price Responsive Technology can produce income for consumers who can reduce their usage during high price periods. It works in tandem with your building automation system (BAS) by receiving real-time price/utility data and responding automatically according to your pre-set load shed/shift strategies. Learn More

Utility Invoice Management

We offer an all-in-one Utility Invoice Management platform that can help clients analyze cost and savings opportunities at the facility level while managing their entire utility expense at a corporate level. Learn More

Plug Load Control

Our Plug Load Management platform helps businesses reduce energy consumption. The innovative system allows customers to manage energy usage down to the plug level. Customers can quickly save on the electricity costs at the plug level by monitoring and managing appliances and devices plugged into outlets. Learn More

Energy Efficiency Programs

We use leading-edge technology to analyze and update lighting requirements and track use. Customers can instantly rearrange lighting layouts without costly physical rewiring and identify lighting-related inefficiencies anywhere in a facility.

We also can help you navigate the complex world of utility rebates to help improve the return on investment of any new or already completed energy efficiency project. Learn More

The Procurement Advantage

The Procurement Advantage is the most sophisticated energy purchasing solution in the industry. The data from thousands of price simulations is turned into purchasing schedules that result is quantifiable and material savings to your energy spend. Learn More