Economic Load Response

Economic Load Response

How would you like to get paid cash for reducing your energy consumption?

Well, Advantage Energy is using Price Responsive Technology to produce income for consumers who can reduce their usage during high price periods.

The technology works in tandem with your building automation system (BAS) by receiving real-time price/utility data and responding automatically according to your pre-set load shed/shift strategies. These automatic load reductions reduce consumption for a period of time and the metered reduction is then sold off to the power market. At the end of the month, any dollars generated from load reductions will be remitted to the customer in the form of a cash payment.

While maintaining facility comfort and operational requirements, this technology:

  • Generates incentives: cash payments and savings
  • Automates electrical load shedding and shifting
  • Leverages existing building automation and strategies
  • Does not compete with or replace existing building automation
  • Provides complete flexibility in a penalty-free, voluntary manner
  • Is an automated and fully customizable solution (not just “on/off” like most others)

Let us show you how Economic Load Response can generate income for your business by scheduling a demo of the technology today!

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