energy efficiency programs

Energy Efficiency Programs

You can completely change and upgrade any space with new lighting. Enjoy more pleasing conditions with less energy!

Advantage Energy Partners uses leading-edge technology to analyze and update lighting requirements and track use. Customers can instantly rearrange lighting layouts and adapt to changes without costly physical rewiring and identify lighting-related inefficiencies anywhere in a facility.

Lighting improvements save energy, save costs and improve working conditions. Locations that are over-lighted or use old technology are notorious energy wasters. We’re changing that by lowering lighting energy use while improving lighting effectiveness and aesthetics. Get more light from every watt.

It’s not just about lamps, fixtures or turning out the lights when nobody’s around. Your most effective lighting solution is a complete strategy that aligns the latest technologies with your unique spaces. Whether you’re lighting a factory, office space or a 100,000-seat stadium, we can show you a better way.

We also can help you navigate the complex world of state, federal and utility rebates to help improve the return on investment of any project. Even if you’ve already completed energy efficiency project there may be a rebate available!

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