Peaq Load Notification

PEAQ Load Notifications

The electricity your business consumes during peak demand periods directly affects your energy spend. PEAQ Advantage provides you with important energy information  in advance, so your business can take action to reduce its energy costs.

Your business’s electricity consumption during peak load periods across the grid drives the capacity and transmission charges that are charged by the utility on your bill. These charges are determined by how much electricity your business uses during these peak periods. The charges can represent a significant part of your total Utility Bill.

By continuously forecasting energy grid consumption, PEAQ Advantage anticipates potential peak periods and alerts you in advance so your business can take action, by reducing consumption and potentially reducing the capacity and transmission charges the next time the charges are calculated by the utility.

PEAQ Advantage delivers practical information to move your business from reactive payments, to proactive savings. Reducing your Electricity consumption during these Peak hours is totally up to you and there are no penalties for not reducing your business’s energy consumption. This is simply a free notification service for Advantage Energy Partners customers.

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