Plug Load Control

Plug Load Control

How would you like to save up to 40% of the electricity costs at the plug level by utilizing smart plug management?

Advantage Energy Partner’s Plug Load Management platform helps businesses reduce energy consumption. The innovative system allows customers to manage energy usage down to the plug level. Customers can quickly save on the electricity costs at the plug level by monitoring and managing appliances and devices plugged into outlets.

The system works by installing smart sockets into outlets that a customer wants to monitor. Each smart socket then wirelessly transmits real-time energy usage information about the device plugged into it via a dashboard on your computer or smart device. Once the electricity usage data is gathered and displayed the customer can begin making decisions about how to manage that consumption. The system allows you to monitor and actively control the devices – turn devices off, schedule power downs and respond to alerts.

In addition, customers can join plug load control with AEP’s PEAQ Advantage product, a peak load notification system, giving them a way to reduce consumption during peak periods with the click of a button.

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