The Procurement Advantage

The Procurement Advantage is an energy purchasing solution designed to remove the anxiety over making electricity purchasing decisions.   This approach allows you to purchase electricity like you invest in your portfolio.

The strategy utilizes a programmatic and algorithmic approach to help determine the appropriate purchase quantity at a given point in time.   The strategy allows the consumer to purchase smaller percentages of load at regularly scheduled intervals over a longer time horizon, like the concept of dollar cost averaging in investing.

The Procurement Advantage provides the consumer an enhanced energy purchasing strategy by providing:

  • More long-term budget predictability than a point-in-time purchasing strategy
  • Reduced anxiety over answering the question of “Am I buying at the right time?”
  • A simple and programmatic approach with detailed reporting and a low-touch option for the consumer
  • Stronger balance between budget risk and opportunity risk

The program is sophisticated in approach with a simple to implement strategy.   Contact us today to learn more about the value that can be achieved by utilizing The Procurement Advantage!

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